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Pro-Stitcher Education

Video Tutorials


Premium Quick Start Guide

Pro-Stitcher Premium Tutorials

Adding and Deleting Folders in the Design File
Changing the Start and End Point on a Sashing or Border
Create and Save a Circle Area
Using 2 Point Rotation
Triangles using Left and Top Align
Triangles using Bottom and Center Align
Skew to a Block using Skew 2
Skew to a Block using Skew 1
Sashing and Borders
Positioning and Resizing Corners in a Border
Placing a Border between Corners
Irregular Borders
How to Use the Measure Tool
How to Save an Area
How to Resize an Area
How to Quilt a Design
Edge-to-Edge with Drag and Drop
Creating a Crosshatch Triangle


Standard Quick Start Guide

1 Triangle using Alignment
2 Triangle using Alignment
Corners and Borders Continuous
Creating a Block From a Triangle
Creating a Border using Skew 2
Cropping the bottom of an edge to edge
Edge to Edge using a middle or bottom Start Point
Edge-to-Edge with Drag and Drop
Isolating a Design using Crop Start-End
Off-Setting an Edge to Edge
Skew to a Hexagon
Skew to a Triangle
Skew to an Octagon
Using Duplicate to Create a Block Design